Check Out BANDWITHOUTBAND: An Industrial Death Metal Band From Germany

Darker than the shade of my darkest black, this music’s like a conga through a cave that no man has ever seen. One of their songs is filled with more harshness than the seven seas combined. Alongside distorted guitars and roaring vocals, this band has a unique playing style filled with an industrial touch to it.

BANDWITHOUTBAND is a black metal solo band from Hamburg, Germany. His latest single, “Get Down,” has been described as a combination of melodic death metal and industrial metal. They released their newest single “Get Down” in October 2022, and it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.

His music is hypnotizing, it takes you to a whole different world while you’re listening to it. It has a professional feel to it like it’s been done by big bands like Metallica or Iron Maiden, but he puts a touch of his own seasoning into the song!

You can listen to our entire playlist containing the artists’ music, and learn more about their work by scrolling down the page.

Get Down Music Video on YouTube

A track with this level of clarity and crispness is not overproduced or polished to the point where it becomes dull. Having instrumental breakdowns to break up the songs at the appropriate time adds a great deal of variety to the songs without feeling forced or extraneous.

It’s got a lot of power—the vocals are strong and clear, and the instrumentals are well-balanced between guitars, bass and drums. The track also has a great tempo that keeps things moving along nicely throughout the whole song.

I would highly recommend checking out BANDWITHOUTBAND’s other releases as well – especially if you’re into any kind of metal genre!

Follow him on Spotify so you don’t miss any releases, his YouTube channel and visit his website to learn more and find more information about this amazing artist!

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