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Folk Music

Folk Music

Where musical roots meet modern vibes in a standout genre-blending experience

Diving into the latest releases from independent artists is a thrilling venture into the evolving folk world, where traditions are infused with modern soul and alternative twists. At PopHits.Co, we journey through the diverse music scene to bring you hand-picked tracks that articulate the very essence of music genre culture. Each playlist is crafted with care, aiming to enrich your music taste with unparalleled quality.

JANE N' THE JUNGLE releasing Life of the Party (Acoustic)
JANE N’ THE JUNGLE releasing Life of the Party (Acoustic)

“Our commitment is to offer playlists that resonate deeply, celebrating the fusion of sounds that artists from the folk, soul, and alternative realms bring,” acclaim a PopHits.Co music curator.

Explore more by watching their music videos, tapping the song box to listen, or exploring their portfolios. Dive into our new playlists; follow these trailblazers on Spotify, and don’t forget to like and listen to the beauty they create.

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From the heart of UK culture, London’s own Eleonora Claps breaks through the contemporary soul scene with her latest offering, ’10PM’. Her female vocals are both haunting and vibrant, inviting comparisons to soulful powerhouses like Adele. Eleonora is not just another singer-songwriter; she encapsulates the essence of jazz-infused pop, creating a sound that is uniquely hers.

“In a world where every note counts, Eleonora brings a symphony,” raves PopHits.Co‘s music curator. ’10PM’ is a masterclass in blending the storytelling of contemporary pop with the depth of traditional soul. This band is set to turn heads with their innovative sound and resonant themes.

Dive into Eleonora’s world on her website, stream her on Spotify, and follow her journey on Facebook, TikTok, BandCamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Embrace the distilled spirit of contemporary UK music and make sure to like and listen to our curated playlist to witness her undeniable talent.

2) WE WERE YOUNG – The Kids

From the heart of Pasadena, CA, We Were Young resonates deeply within the indie pop scene, bringing forth a unique blend of folk-pop and alternative pop through his latest single, “The Kids.” His approach to male vocals overlaid with acoustic harmonies offers a refreshing take on the genre, standing out as a testament to relaxing, easy listening that captivates the listener’s soul. Comparing him to giants like Vance Joy and Ben Howard, his sound embodies the spirit of indie folk with a pop sensibility that’s both super catchy and deeply introspective.

“The Kids” by We Were Young captures the essence of US culture through its lyrical storytelling, enveloping listeners in a world that’s both familiar and enchantingly new. As a PopHits.Co music curator eloquently puts it, “His melodies whisper the future of indie pop – relaxing, profound, and unmistakably genuine.” This track is not only a piece of music but an audiophile’s journey through the landscapes of alternative pop.

For everyone looking to immerse themselves in the sounds of We Were Young, his music is readily available across multiple platforms. Explore his craft on his website, Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, BandCamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Join the wave of supporters by liking and listening to our curated playlist, where “The Kids” features prominently, showcasing the best of folk-pop and indie pop. Don’t let this auditory experience pass you by.

3) JANE N’ THE JUNGLE – Life of the Party (Acoustic)

Jane N’ The Jungle from Phoenix, United States, is breaking the mould with her latest single, “Life of the Party (Acoustic).” Her music, entrenched in the heart of American culture, resonates with fans of grunge and alternative rock, reminiscent of legends like Alanis Morissette and the raw energy of Joan Jett. This acoustic rendition showcases her exceptional singer-songwriter skills alongside anthemic female vocals that captivate from the first note.

“Life of the Party (Acoustic)” is not just another single; it’s a testament to Jane N’ The Jungle’s versatility within the rock realm, particularly acoustic rock. The track is imbued with a sense of intimacy, yet it’s powerful enough to stand alongside any rock n’ roll anthem. As a curator at PopHits.Co might say, “This song isn’t just heard; it’s felt deeply—a rare quality in today’s music landscape.”

To experience the unique blend of raw passion and melodic grace that Jane N’ The Jungle brings, make sure to visit her website, and follow her on Spotify, Facebook, X, TikTok, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Don’t forget to like and listen to our curated playlist to discover more music that moves and inspires.

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