Harmonize Your Soul: Experience Pop, Folk, Jazz, and More in the Best Music World

Pop Music

Pop Music

Dive deep into the heart of the music scene with a blend of Pop, Folk, Jazz, and an array of exciting genres

Welcome to a melodic paradise where the vibrant realms of Pop, the soul-stirring echoes of Folk, and the smooth grooves of Jazz convene, creating a diverse soundscape that’s ready to cater to every music taste. Discover a world where independent artists are the maestros, offering their newest creations that span a trendy style of exciting genres. By clicking on the song box, you’re not just listening to music; you’re embarking on a journey. So, take a leap, watch their music videos, and immerse yourself in the stories they tell through their unique music style.

ELIZABETH SHEPHERD releasing Three Things
ELIZABETH SHEPHERD releasing Three Things

The adventure into the best music world doesn’t stop at mere discovery. We’ve crafted new playlists that are as eclectic and vibrant as the music scene itself. These collections are carefully curated to blend the timeless with the avant-garde, ensuring your playlist never dulls. From the rhythmic beats of Jazz to the hearty strums of Folk, and the catchy hooks of Pop—explore, embrace, and enjoy the trendy genres that define today’s soundtracks.

To keep this musical expedition vibrant and ever-evolving, we suggest you follow these groundbreaking artists on Spotify. Engage with their artistry, delve into their portfolios for a closer look at their creative process, and, most importantly, like and listen to our curated playlists. This is your ticket to staying updated in the ever-changing landscape of the music scene, ensuring your collection always resonates with the best and freshest tunes. Let your music taste flourish as you explore, discover, and fall in love with new music all over again.


Hailing from the heart of Barnstaple, United Kingdom, comes the serene and heartwarming alt-folk single “If” by James Spencer. His music reaches out in even, acoustic sound waves reminiscent of illustrious folk pop artists like Damien Rice, creating a relaxing and easy listening environment steeped in British culture.

As a music curator from PopHits.Co, I’ve had the pleasure of many listenings, and what always strikes me is the blend of strong male vocals and the just occasional touch of ethereal female vocals. Each time, James’s Americana-infused indie folk leaves an impression that’s both deep and memorable. Remarkably crafted, “If” is an exquisite love song that could be comfortably situated in our carefully curated playlist.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the distinctive texture of James Spencer. Check his work out on his website, Spotify, Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Trust me, you’ll want to like, follow, and listen to our curated playlist to not miss out on this gem from the UK culture.


From the heart of the United States Midwest, the singer-songwriter band GUNSLINGERS strikes again with its nostalgic magic. Their latest single, “Teeth”, is an alt-country symphony etched in acoustic rhythms, reminiscent of Americana stalwarts like Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss. The indie folk influence with the tinges of the country is self-evident yet subtly encoded in the mesmerizing tapestry of their sound.

Gospelled by a mighty ancestral spirit are the reverberations of ‘Teeth’. In true GUNSLINGERS fashion, the song serves up sweet reminiscences of the bygone times, wrapped up charmingly in the cinematic nuances and resounding bluegrass undertones. The evocative female vocals laced with US culture radiate the alt-folk beauty of the Midwest. To quote a curator from PopHits.Co, “It’s a master class in raw musical storytelling”.

Steep yourself in every note of GUNSLINGERS’ freshest symphony on her website, Spotify, BandCamp, and SoundCloud. Trust us, your ears will thank you. And while you’re in the throes of your new musical crush, remember to like and listen to our curated playlist.


Kyiv, Ukraine’s very own ETOLUBOV is transforming the landscape of pop music with her groundbreaking album “VSELUBOV,” a masterpiece that melds the soulful depths of alternative indie R&B with the vibrant energy of dance music. Her work is a celebration of female vocals, delivering love songs that resonate with anyone who’s experienced the complexities of affection. The album’s tracks are a testament to the artist’s versatility, incorporating relaxing rhythms, world influences, and even Middle Eastern vibes, making for a truly global listening experience.

“VSELUBOV” stands as a monument to ETOLUBOV’s artistry, showcasing her ability to turn everyday emotions into super catchy, easy-listening anthems. Her music draws parallels with the emotional storytelling of Adele and the genre-blending sounds of FKA Twigs, situating ETOLUBOV as a significant figure in contemporary pop and world music.

Echoing the sentiments of music aficionados, a PopHits.Co‘s music curator remarked, “ETOLUBOV seamlessly weaves Eastern Europe culture into her music, crafting tracks that are as deep in meaning as they are in melody.” For those eager to embark on a musical journey that transcends borders, follow ETOLUBOV across her website, Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Embrace the vibe and like and listen to our curated playlist for the ultimate chillout experience.

4) MERY’S KEY – Step By Step

Emerging from the vibrant scenes of Italy, Trieste, Mery’s Key infuses alternative pop with a unique blend of indie pop, showcasing exceptional singer-songwriter prowess. Her latest single, “Step By Step,” is a testament to female vocals’ power in the pop industry, drawing comparisons to iconic artists like Florence + The Machine and Lorde. With its catchy hooks and 80’s vibes, the track is a fresh breath in the landscape of modern music, offering an easy listening experience that resonates with fans across Europe and UK culture alike.

A standout feature of “Step By Step” is its ability to blend captivating melodies with deep, introspective lyrics, marking Mery’s Key as a notable figure in the alternative pop and indie pop realms. Her music is not just heard; it’s felt, echoing the depth of human emotion and the journey of self-discovery. “In the sea of emerging artists, Mery’s Key shines the brightest, with songs that speak directly to the soul,” says a PopHits.Co music curator.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Mery’s Key. Discover her music on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Dive deeper into her artistic journey by following her on Facebook, TikTok, and BandCamp. For those who appreciate the fusion of Europe culture with eclectic pop sounds, her tracks are a must-listen. And don’t forget to like and listen to our curated playlist for more music that moves and inspires.


In the heart of Canada’s Quebec, Elizabeth Shepherd stands as a beacon of innovative music, blending elements of jazz, neo-soul, and contemporary pop in her standout album, Three Things. As a singer-songwriter, Shepherd’s ability to weave complex narratives with both male and female vocals sets her apart in the realms of contemporary soul, placing her in the esteemed company of artists like Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott. Her music is a lively expression of Canadian culture, imbued with a distinctive quirky flair that makes every track a discovery.

“Elizabeth Shepherd’s album Three Things redefines the boundaries of jazz and neo-soul,” declares a curator at PopHits.Co, “her music resonates deeply, making every moment super edgy and unforgettable.” Shepherd’s craftsmanship as an artist shines brightly, offering a refreshing perspective on the dynamic possibilities within music.

For any avid music explorer, Elizabeth Shepherd’s tunes are a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Visit her website, and follow her on Spotify, Facebook, BandCamp, and YouTube to immerse yourself in her sonic universe. Engage with our curated playlist to like and listen to Elizabeth Shepherd and delve into the vibrant world of contemporary and jazz-inflected music.

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