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From the depths of Massapequa, United States, emerges Dominick Raffaele with his gripping new EP, Damaged. Capturing the essence of commercial pop with the intricacy of male vocals, Dominick discusses themes that resonate deeply within US culture. The EP comprises three emotionally charged tracks, each exploring complications of ephemeral relationships and the paradoxes of personal ambition.

Dominick adeptly mirrors the vocal intensity of Sam Smith and emotional depth akin to James Arthur. His music traverses through a haunting narrative of loving and losing, challenging listeners to confront their own heartaches and aspirations. Damaged serves not just as music, but as a journey through the vicissitudes of life and love.

To truly appreciate the craft of this rising star, visit Dominick’s profiles across Spotify, Instagram and YouTube. Don’t forget to like and listen to our curated playlist on PopHits.Co, where Dominick Raffaele is proving to be a quintessential voice in contemporary pop.

GEOFF GIBBONS – Morgantown

“Morgantown”, the latest single from Geoff Gibbons, is more than just a song—it’s a reflection on the universal journey of love and loss, set against the familiar yet evocative scene of small-town life. Originating from the rich cultural landscape of Vancouver, BC, Geoff has solidified his place in the Americana and alt-country genres, drawing comparisons to iconic acts like Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams for his heartfelt storytelling and soft rock influences.

This singer-songwriter infuses his music with a classic sound that resonates deeply, capturing the essence of relaxation and introspection. “Morgantown” showcases his talent for delivering male vocals that are both powerful and tender, a testament to his mastery of the craft.

As a curator for PopHits.Co, I find Geoff Gibbons’ music to be a breath of fresh air in the singer-songwriter space. “Morgantown” is a testament to the enduring power of great storytelling in music. I urge you to discover Geoff’s work across all major platforms, including his Website, Spotify, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram and X. His music is a gateway to exploring the rich tapestry of Canadian culture and the emotional depth of Americana music. Let’s explore it now, check out our curated playlist.

L.E.A.H – Eroding Crown (Unchained)

In the heart of Vancouver, Canada, an emerging talent, L.E.A.H, has meticulously crafted ‘Eroding Crown (Unchained)’, a musical masterpiece that speaks volumes. Her acoustic rendition, ‘Eroding Crown Unplugged’, epitomizes the essence of a singer-songwriter, weaving the raw honesty of female vocals with the delicate intricacies of a classic sound. The original ‘Eroding Crown Unchained’ elevates this narrative, presenting a polished, refined piece of commercial pop that resonates deeply with the themes of resilience and renewal.

L.E.A.H’s work parallels the emotional intensity found in the likes of Adele and the narrative depth of Taylor Swift, yet stands distinct in its dedication to shedding light on the survivors of sexual assault. “Eroding Crown (Unchained) is more than just a song; it’s a beacon of hope, an anthem of empowerment and inner strength,” proclaims a PopHits.Co music curator. “L.E.A.H’s compelling re-release delves into the aftermath of a toxic relationship, striking a chord with anyone seeking solace and understanding”, and you can also explore an acoustic version on her portfolio.

Discover L.E.A.H’s evocative journey across her Website, Spotify, TikTok, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Her music, a blend of easy listening and relaxing tones infused with Canadian culture, offers a path to personal rediscovery and empowerment. Like and listen to our curated playlist to experience the undeniable impact of contemporary pop’s newest voice.

EMMA FORGETTE – Somebody’s Somebody

Emma Forgette‘s single “Somebody’s Somebody” is the latest jewel in the realm of easy listening, originating from the serene environment of Ocala, FL. She captures the essence of acoustic melodies, reminding us of the touching lyricism of Joni Mitchell and the pop culture phenomenon of Adele. Her singer-songwriter talent is on full display with this folk pop anthem, underpinned by rich female vocals that are as sincere as they are powerful.

A PopHits.Co curator was quoted saying, “Every note she sings pierces the heart with its purity; it’s absolute country soul alchemy.” This single is a testament to the power of storytelling through music, intertwining the innate storytelling of folk with the fresh appeal of modern pop.

Immerse yourself in the storytelling tapestry of Emma Forgette by visiting her website, or streaming her captivating single on Spotify. The melodic journey continues across Facebook, TikTok, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Get a taste of her magic, like and lose yourself in our thoughtfully curated playlist brimming with similar auditory delights.

PLANG – My Little City

Emerging from the charming town of Midleton, Ireland, PLANG has crafted an acoustic gem with ‘My Little City.’ With the intoxicating allure of indie folk and an infusion of easy-listening melodies, he delivers a narrative that resonates deeply with those who’ve embarked on journeys seeking new horizons. PLANG’s male vocals are a warm embrace, weaving through a soundscape that honours the essence of Irish culture while nestling comfortably among the echoes of revered names like Damien Rice and Glen Hansard.

“My Little City is a beautiful song you won’t forget,” lauds PopHits.Co‘s music curator. The single’s power pop flair embodies the exploration of leaving familiar grounds, carried by a folk pop vibrancy that can only be attributed to PLANG’s unique artistry. The blend of instruments in this alt-folk serenade elevates it to a level of relaxing elegance seldom reached in recent memory.

We invite you to immerse yourself in PLANG’s creative vision on his platforms. Seek out ‘My Little City’ on Spotify and his Website. For a curated experience, like and listen to our playlist, which now proudly features PLANG, a singer-songwriter band on the rise.

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