Check out The Latest EP from Language Games: Dreamy, Thoughtful, and Ethereal Indie Rock

Language Games

Are you searching for a musician who can soothe your soul, enchant your mind, and exhilarate your senses? If yes, then look no further than Language Games.

The latest EP from Language Games: Vignettes for a Sad Life is an incredible 5-track journey through dreamy, thoughtful and ethereal indie rock for fans of dream pop, shoegaze, emo rock, soft rock and singer/songwriter.

Dreamy, thought-provoking and ethereal indie rock might sound like an oxymoron to some. Still, the Czech Republic’s Language Games prove that it can be catchy, melodically beautiful and altogether captivating.

Language Games releasing Vignettes for a Sad Life EP
Language Games releasing Vignettes for a Sad Life EP

Their newest EP is a five-track journey ripe with emotive guitar-based melodies that are warm as they are wistful. The music—which is both clean and raw at once—is also filled with mesmerizing vocal harmonies that aren’t overly complicated but no less effective.

You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artist’s music, and know more about the artist’s work by scrolling down the page.

We have to say that Mr Ego is our favourite track of this project, but there is a lot to explore here. Creating fractal patterns using letters as building blocks. There are words. Several sentences.

The sound of language weaves a layered tapestry that is infused with meaning. It is music that transcends both the confines of linguistics and the boundaries of communication, shattering the structure of linguistics.

The Language Games project is the solo indie rock project of Korean-American multi-instrumentalist, genre-breaking, multi-instrumentalist Kurt Gottwald, who has been a member of Redfoot.

He is a veteran of the NYC music scene. He has performed and recorded in a wide range of genres, from Jazz to Classical to Reggae to Rock, and he has played pretty much everything in between.

There have been a variety of acts he has shared the stage with or recorded music with over the years, from Drake Bell to Screechy Dan to the Antlers.

Kurt is more than just a musician; he draws on the influences he learned from his theatre background in order to craft an entertaining experience that transcends beyond the status quo of traditional musical acts by interacting with the audience.

Now that you know a lot about them, check it out, visit their YouTube and follow them on Spotify!

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