Perdeu Mané’s Radical Single Collides Hip-Hop, Political Rap, and UK Culture in the Portuguese Language by Will Lisil

Try this right-of-centre hip-hop song by a UK artist that’s right on point and is sure to move people.

There has never been a time when the boundaries between music genres have been more blurred in the past decade than they are today. In the modern world of music, Hip-Hop has certainly had a profound influence, but there have been many new genres that have emerged in addition to Hip-Hop. One of the most popular subgenres within these genres is Trap, which has been around for a very long time.

Will Lisil releasing Perdeu Mané

Will Lisil is a visionary producer but also an artist and his first single brings a fusion of classical music, lyrical, rap and the famous trap. Yes, that is exactly what makes his music impressive, the fusion, but “Perdeu Mané” has more to offer, and that’s not all.

You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artist’s music, and know more about his work by scrolling down the page.

Will Lisil releasing Perdeu Mané

Will Lisil is an artist and producer who uses music to protest and bring attention to social problems, experimenting with diverse genres such as Hip-Hop, EDM, Br-Pop, and Rock-Pop. 

Using music, Lisil is exposing the journalistic fraud many countries are subjected to today, supporting the movement Brazil Was Stolen, which denounces the political atrocities experienced by the Brazilian people in 2022.

Here you can find what Perdeu Mané’s lyrics say:

Hear our message now! United in one voice, we cry out: Brazil was stolen! You, who feel robbed, mistreated and usurped, have been held on hostage. You, who ate only crumbs, while there in Brasilia they live like a king.

You, just paying taxes, and they live in idleness. It never made up for you! You, who were manipulated, an always broken Brazil, but now you’ve woken up. Listen, we are the real owners of Brazil, listen, we are the real owners of Brazil!

Now it’s time to pass on our message: You lost Mané, Brasília is in my rifle sights. You lost Mané, I don’t accept people stealing my Brazil! Mission given, mission accomplished!

You can watch the lyric video of Perdeu Mané below, which was posted on Twitter and received more than 5 thousand retweets. Seems like Brazilians agreed with Lisil, Brazil was stolen!

The Brazilian people right now, in January 2023, are being forced by organized crime, which is taking over the country’s government, to accept a 12-year convicted criminal as their president, and those who criticise are arrested and barred from using their social networks by the Supreme Court, which is made up of muppets of organized crime as well.

Will Lisil releasing Perdeu Mané

Currently, the situation in Brazil is catastrophic. Lula da Silva, the criminal who was imposed on the Brazilian population as president, is transforming the nation into a communist dictatorship. This is similar to what Nicolás Maduro, Lula’s partner in crime, has done in Venezuela.

A cosmopolitan music producer from the UK, Lisil has a background in 9 different cultures. Having worked and handled music distribution for independent artists from over 50 countries, Will Lisil decided to apply his music skills to social causes.

Will Lisil releasing Perdeu Mané single

Lisil developed a platform for music distribution worldwide by independent and grassroots artists. It’s PopHits.Co, a network where artists can develop themselves independently, free of exploitative and unfair contracts.

Additionally, he created PopHits.Co as a not-for-profit startup, for helping children worldwide, escape child sexual slavery’s lucrative and dangerous market.

PopHits.Co is a dynamic platform where artists can, not only make money and partnerships but also give back to society by distributing music for free and donating 10% of their profits to the cause. Everybody works. Everybody wins.

Will Lisi has only one purpose in life: fighting for social justice! He works hard to free underrepresented young people from exploitative situations, in music, their professional life, and socially. PopHits.Co is the seed of it all.

Chck it out:

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