Check Out This New Single From A German EMO Band: VLAD IN TEARS

We are here to talk about this new single from the German-based EMO (Alternative Rock) band VLAD IN TEARS. Today, We’re going to break down their recent track “Running up that Hill”, and its relevance in the alternative rock scene, and make you want to listen to it now.

There’s nothing like an artist who can create something unique and beautiful. That’s what you get with VLAD IN TEARS. This alternative rock band is based out of Berlin, Germany, and they’ve been gaining recognition for their unique sound that blends together elements of dark wave, emo pop rock, emo rock, indie rock and gothic rock.

Vlad In Tears releasing Running Up That Hill

Their latest single “Running Up That Hill” is a perfect example of this. It’s a full-blown anthem that’s perfect for blasting out of the car windows on your way home from work or school.

You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artists’ music, and know more about their work by scrolling down the page.

But it doesn’t stop there: the vocals are super catchy and the lyrics are relatable, which makes them stick in your head even after turning off the music.

It’s one of those songs that makes you want to put on your headphones and just lose yourself in its lyrics and soundscape. And when we say “soundscape,” we mean it: VLAD IN TEARS has created a moody atmosphere with their music that leaves us feeling like we’ve been transported somewhere else entirely—and that’s exactly how we like our music!

As well as believing in themselves, they also believe in their abilities. The music that is produced by them is amazing. It’s really well produced and everything is perfectly synchronized with each other. Now check out their Music Video!

Vlad In Tears releasing Running Up That Hill

”We need you …whatever it takes …we believe so much in what we do…we need the famous 5% luck to make things happen after 10 years.”

If you’re looking for something new, something different, and something darkly beautiful, look no further than the single “Running Up That Hill” by VLAD IN TEARS. Follow them on Spotify, and visit their website and Youtube channel for some more of their work!

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