Interview: NËK’s Misti’s Blues Will Stay With You For A Long Time

NËK releasing Misti's Blues

We’re fortunate to have the chance to go through the new album by NËK, a Trap Rap Artist, who recently released his debut EP Misti’s Blues. Let’s jump into his latest work

NËK is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Suitland Maryland. His EP “Misti’s Blues” is a project that fully explores the hip-hop genre in all its forms.

As his second EP, Misti’s Blues, he focused on a variety of deeper concepts besides spirituality. Essentially, it focuses on the struggles within the inner cities of America today, highlighting the struggle of mental instability, drug addictions, and poverty in its essence, with a jazzy swing to it, and a hint of blues thrown in.

NËK releasing Misti's Blues

NËK releasing Misti’s Blues

You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artist’s music, and know more about the artist by scrolling down the page.

It’s got a lot of power—the vocals are strong and clear, and the instrumentals are well-balanced between every product used in the song. The track also has a great tempo that keeps things moving along nicely throughout the whole song.

My favourite song from this EP is ”Thantophobia”. I like the flow, the delivery, and the lyrics, and the way Nëk uses the beat and deals with the song is amazing and it’s obvious that he did spend time on this!

Each track on the album has its unique feel and sound but still retains the same overall vibe throughout the entire project. It’s easy to get lost in the music because of how smooth it is!

If you love jazz or hip-hop but haven’t listened to much of one genre or another, give this album a try! It will help you get into both genres while still having something unique and interesting enough to keep you listening over and over again

Check our interview with him – Nëk Interview For SuperPop.TV

If you’re interested in checking out more of NËK’s music, visit his YouTube, and follow him on Spotify. Check out his Instagram. I’ve included links so that can get started right away!

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