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Discovering new music has never been easier or more exciting with today’s independent artists

If you’re eager to explore the latest in pop, acoustic, and alternative music, then you’re in the right place. At PopHits.Co, we pride ourselves on spotting and supporting sublime sounds that resonate across the world. From heart-touching melodies to beat-driven anthems, our sundry collection is poised to perfect your playlist.

ZUKRASSVERLIEBT releasing Ich denk an dich
ZUKRASSVERLIEBT releasing Ich denk an dich

“As gatekeepers of the underground, it’s our pleasure to showcase the phenomenal talent that otherwise might go unnoticed,” notes one PopHits.Co curator. We are committed to elevating the music scene by highlighting artists who redefine and stretch genres.

We invite you to immerse in the intuitive artistry of today’s tracks. Watch their music videos, listen by clicking the song box, or read more about their journeys on artist portfolios. And don’t forget—follow them on Spotify, like our new playlists, and align your music taste with the pulse of our music style.


From Portsmouth to the heart of Alt-Country, the UK’s own Black Mountain Tabernacle is striking a chord with ‘Dirtfarmer EP’. His sound, a rich tapestry woven with influences of Alt-Folk and Americana, evokes the spirit of Neil Young. Each strum on the guitar tells a unique story, echoing the undiluted essence of UK culture that is often lost in translation. The male vocals are poignant, full of a raw honesty that’s hard to come by.

“He crafts songs that resonate like anthems,” says a curator from PopHits.Co, “embellishing the Indie Folk scene with a voice as familiar as Bob Dylan’s, yet as fresh as the morning dew”. Indeed, the EP is a treasure trove of classic rock appeal, blended seamlessly with the nuances of contemporary Alternative Rock.

To truly understand this tapestry, give Black Mountain Tabernacle a listen on Spotify. His intricate Folk Rock melodies paint vivid pictures. And for an auditory journey tailored to discover new favourites, like and listen to our curated playlist.

2) TALIA GRACE – From Under You

Nestled in the vibrant music scene of Austin, TX, Talia Grace‘s “From Under You” resonates with the allure of cinematic pop, delivering an acoustic experience that invites comparison with Taylor Swift’s intimate narratives. In this EP, the singer-songwriter band fuses relaxing melodies with evocative female vocals to create a fabric of sound that is undeniably modern yet unmistakably reflective of US culture.

A curator at PopHits.Co declares, “Talia Grace captures the quintessential American spirit with contemporary pop overtones that are as engaging as they are relaxing; her music is the sonic equivalent of a masterpiece painting.” Her voice is a lighthouse for those navigating the oft-stormy commercial pop seas, providing a beacon of easy listening.

Engage with Talia Grace’s mesmerizing soundscapes on Spotify, chat on Facebook, delve into visuals on YouTube, and catch her latest musings on X. Be enlightened by Talia’s artistry and enhance your auditory experience with our curated playlist, featuring the finest in relaxing, contemporary pop music.


Hailing from the heart of Europe’s rich culture, Zürich, Switzerland, independent folk-pop artist Timothy Jaromir has released his latest acoustic banger, ‘Rebound’. With his exceptional male vocals, he evokes sensations typically reserved for easy listening, while still delivering a poignant message.

“His voice cradles an intimate whisper and a famished howl sitting somewhere between folk’s icon Bob Dylan and indie’s heavyweight, Damien Rice,” says a keen curator from PopHits.Co, is the latest stop for quality music. A singer-songwriter of authentic European culture, he invites you in and then keeps you with a relaxing style that sets him apart.

We strongly suggest you check Timothy Jaromir out on his website, Spotify, Facebook, X, TikTok, BandCamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Listen as he weaves the folk-pop of fine, female vocals into his distinct sound. Before you go, like and submerge in our curated playlist for an indie folk revelation.

4) CATE KILEVA – How You Love

From the heart of Australia’s vibrant music scene, Perth’s own Cate Kileva has crafted a sonic treasure with her latest single, “How You Love.” Her voice, an intricate tapestry of female vocals, weaves through the alternative pop landscape with the finesse of seasoned artists like Lorde and Halsey. The enchanting melody feels both intimately personal and universally relatable, embodying a unique cross-section between Australian culture and the artistic echoes of Eastern Europe.

“As a curator at PopHits.Co, I can confidently say ‘How You Love’ is a gem that redefines the borders of commercial pop. Her work is immersive, heartfelt, and authentically Kileva,” raves our in-house expert. Indeed, Cate Kileva stands as a beacon of contemporary pop, her voice a lighthouse guiding us through her dark-pop narrative, lined with subtle hints of trap, creating a relaxing yet profound experience.

Don’t just take my word for it, delve into Cate Kileva’s mesmerizing world. Visit her website, float through her melodies on Spotify, explore her artistry on BandCamp, and witness her visuals on YouTube. Like and listen to our curated playlist to ensure you don’t miss a beat from music’s next big revelation.

5) ZUKRASSVERLIEBT – Ich denk an dich

In the heart of Germany, Hamburg, a rising star blooms within the vibrant scene of European culture; Zukrassverliebt, with his single “Ich denk an dich,” captures the essence of commercial pop and contemporary pop, embedding it with his unique style. This track stands out, not just for its catchy melody but for the emotional depth carried by his male vocals. It’s a fresh breath in the alternative pop genre, reminiscent of established artists like Sam Smith and Troye Sivan. “His voice adds a layer of euphoria to the dance-worthy beats,” said a curator at PopHits.Co, “making ‘Ich denk an dich’ a masterpiece in modern pop.”

Zukrassverliebt isn’t just a name; it’s a beacon for commercial pop lovers seeking depth in euphoric melodies. His work resonates with the heart of Eurovision pop, drawing listeners into a narrative that’s both personal and universally relatable. The single dances between the lines of dance and reflective introspection, showcased his versatility.

Dive into the world of Zukrassverliebt on Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube. Experience the blend of contemporary pop and European culture through his lenses. Like and listen to our curated playlist to discover more euphoric beats and male vocals that redefine alternative pop.

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