Unveiling New Rhythms: A Blend of Folk, Country, and Beyond

WITTMAR releasing Drops of Rain

WITTMAR releasing Drops of Rain

Explore the vibrant fusion where Folk, Country and Americana meets global beats in the modern music scene

The frontier of Folk and Country music is expanding, embracing diverse influences such as Americana and Pop, and generating a captivating music style unique to our era. At PopHits.Co, we’re eager to introduce you to this new wave of talent, merging traditional sounds with innovative flair.

“The artists we feature are the trailblazers of the folk-country genre,” exclaims a PopHits.Co music curator.

Their music, available through new playlists, bridges the gap between timeless Americana culture and the modern music taste, promising a refreshing auditory experience.

By clicking the song box, you’re not just listening to music; you’re immersing yourself in the heart of the music scene. The artists’ music videos are a visual treat, offering insight into their creative process, while their portfolios provide a panoramic view of their musical journey. It’s an invitation to connect deeper with the music style you love.

BEN TUCKER releasing Ben Tucker EP
BEN TUCKER releasing Ben Tucker EP

Dive into this rich world by checking out our curated playlists. Follow these innovative artists on Spotify, like their music, and let their pioneering soundtracks redefine your perception of Folk, Americana and Country music. You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artists’ music, and know more about the artists by scrolling down the page.

BEN TUCKER – Ben Tucker

Ben Tucker, from Cambridge, United Kingdom, marks his solo journey with the release of his EP ‘Ben Tucker’ on 24/01/24. This project emerges as a beacon for those enchanted by alt-country and indie folk, presenting a blend reminiscent of the heartfelt narratives found in the works of icons like Johnny Cash and Neil Young. The lead single, “At Your Side,” showcases Tucker’s compelling male vocals, embarking listeners on a voyage through love’s vast territories, supported by a lush Americana backdrop and electric guitar riffs that echo the classic sound of rock pop.

The EP delves into the complexities of life and love, with tracks such as “Gambling Man” and “Ever Since She Turned My Head,” weaving a tapestry of personal and expansive narratives. Tucker, an accomplished guitarist and songwriter since his youth, crafts easy listening melodies that hold a comforting yet adventurous essence. His journey, from the synthpop roots of The Fizzgigs to the garage rock energy of Albino, enriches this EP with a diverse musical heritage.

“Diving into Ben Tucker’s EP feels like a road trip through the heart of alt-country, adorned with the personal touch of a singer-songwriter’s soul,” praises PopHits.Co. Dive into his world via his website, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Embrace the journey and like and listen to our curated playlist for a taste of Tucker’s mesmerizing melodies alongside the finest in soft rock and singer-songwriter band gems.


Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, The Kyle Jordan Project is emerging as a beacon of the Canadian singer-songwriter scene. The new single, “Loved By You”, boasts a fusion of soulful male vocals and Americana, echoing reminiscent elements of renowned artists like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, but with a refreshing originality.

Harnessing the intimate essence of a love song, he strums waves of alt-country and soft rock into our hearts. The blend of singer-songwriter craftsmanship is as intricate as it is appealing. According to PopHits.Co‘s curator, “Very few artists can truly encapsulate the soul-rock spirit The Kyle Jordan Project blends into his blues-infused love song.”

Relax and let the soothing melody transcend you into the Canadian culture. Check out his music on his Spotify, website, Facebook, and YouTube – soulful depth not to be missed. Also, don’t forget to like and listen to our curated playlist to embark on more music discovery.

WITTMAR – Drops of Rain

In the bustling lanes of Stockholm’s vibrant music scene, WITTMAR stands out with their latest offering, “Drops of Rain”. This track is a poignant example of alt-country at its finest, intertwining strands of Americana with the enigmatic tales of Nordic culture. As you dive into the song, the singer-songwriter band’s prowess becomes abundantly clear, echoing the raw, emotional depth reminiscent of icons like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.

“Drops of Rain” is a fresh gust of indie folk, where the soothing female vocals meld with Scandinavian soft rock elements, creating a sound both familiar and super edgy. “Once you witness the storm that is WITTMAR’s ‘Drops of Rain’, every other track will feel like just a drizzle,” says a PopHits.Co music curator, highlighting the impact WITTMAR has had. The ethereal melodies are rich with folk rock tonalities that cradle the listener in a tapestry of finely woven narratives and melodies.

Enthralled by the textured layers of “Drops of Rain”? Delve further into WITTMAR’s unique soundscape by visiting their website, and don’t forget to stream their music on Spotify. Connect with WITTMAR’s journey through their Facebook and YouTube to catch every riveting note. Like and listen to our curated playlist to explore more artists who capture the essence of alternative rock and beyond.

JEFF LAKE – Midnight Sun

Jeff Lake, a gifted singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant streets of New York, United States, crafts music that resonates deeply with the spirit of Americana and the roots of Country and Rock. His latest single, “Midnight Sun,” exemplifies the profound storytelling and classic sound that fans of legends like Bob Dylan and Neil Young admire. Lake’s journey in music began at the tender age of eight, holding a guitar and envisioning the melodies that would someday captivate listeners worldwide.

“Midnight Sun” is not just a song; it’s an experience dipped in the nostalgic hues of North American culture, showcasing Jeff Lake’s compelling male vocals and his adeptness in weaving the complexities of US culture into his music. Having worked with icons and contributed significantly to the singer-songwriter band genre, including writing for Michalis and creating anthems for shows like the “Nueva Estrella Awards,” Lake continues to influence the Soft Rock and Rock Pop landscapes profoundly.

As a music curator for PopHits.Co, I’ve encountered countless talents, yet Jeff Lake stands out with a distinction that’s hard to overlook. “His music traverses the heart of Americana, leaving a trail of auditory bliss that’s both refreshingly authentic and deeply evocative.” Explore his unique sound on platforms like Website, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, X, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Dive into the nostalgia, like and listen to our curated playlist to experience the essence of timeless music.

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