Acoustic Soft Rock: Beware Wolves’ 9 Albums Collection is Considered The Voice of The Soul Through 81 Songs

Beware Wolves: USA’s Soft Rock meets Americana and Singer-Songwriter wisdom that builds a bridge between the 1990s to 2020s. It’s all about acoustic, Folk, Indie Rock, Country, Pop, Soundtracks and Love Songs produced in only 30 days.

Beware Wolves’ 9 Albums Collection was considered by producers from PopHits.Co and curators as the voice of the soul, and also one of the best singer-songwriters in the US Indie Scene right now. The hardest worker for sure!

After dropping nine albums with nine songs each and one extra album being an overview with 11 tracks, the shockwave of songs continued during 2022 with almost a hundred songs being released solely during this year. His portfolio is totalizing 81 great tunes so far.

Nine albums with nine songs were released by Beware Wolves over the course of 30 days, with some songs even being written and recorded on the same morning.

Considering that it represents a level of creativity that’s unbeatable, as well as a lot of work in such a short period of time, especially for independent releases, it’s believed a crazy thing. But totally possible in the hands of Beware Wolves.

With his distinct array of infectious narratives, dynamic acoustic guitarisma, and soulful vocals, the mysterious but uber-talented emerging singer/songwriter known as Beware Wolves is sure to enchant viewers with his unique ability to capture the hearts and minds of listeners through his impressive work.

You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artist’s music, and know more about the artist’s work by scrolling down the page. In order to provide an overview of his entire collection, we organized it chronologically. Enjoy it!

The Collection Overview

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Beware Wolves Vol. 1

In other words, he may be the first artist in the history of independent music who uses streaming platforms as a medium to release all 81 of his songs (over 4.5 hours of listening) spread over nine volumes in just one month of playing (August 2022).

According to the story, he delivered a part of his unique archive to Safe Harbor Records at the end of 2021 in the form of a rogue email.

Beware Wolves Vol. 2

Beware Wolves Vol. 3

This deeply prolific and highly expressive artist has produced an epic amount of tunes that it is nearly impossible to calculate just how profitable that could be. However, Beware Wolves made it easier by creating an 11-track self-titled sampler, instead of a volume (5), that introduces us to his eclectic style, emotive vocals, crisp, rhythmic string playing, along with a few samples of some of his most popular tracks.

Beware Wolves Vol. 4

In addition to the rhythmic interplay on the guitar and variation in the vocal modulations in the songs (“Badsome” has a Roy Orbison rockabilly tone, “Rather Be Fishing” is more of a classic hippie vibe, and “U.S. Mail” is simply a sweet folk-rock hypnosis), there is still a lot more to explore, and none of our producers regrets taking the time to explore it.

Beware Wolves Vol. 5

The set’s refreshing blend of immediacy/warmth, rawness and space/distance is the result of the intuitive genius of an award-winning Australian mastering engineer, Don Bartley, of Benchmark Mastering (Crowded House, Split Enz, Ray Davies, Silverchair) and his team at Benchmark Mastering in Sydney, Australia.

Beware Wolves Vol. 6

In his words, Bartley was more inspired than overwhelmed by the task of elevating the sheer volume of Beware Wolves to a whole new level of performance, saying, “I have to say the songs are fantastic with heaps of emotion, nice playing and an interesting variety,” a statement that could seem to apply to any of these 11 songs – or even all of them combined.

Beware Wolves Vol. 7

As well as “July,” the garage-raw romp “Torrey Pine” and the dreamy, easy-loping “Whiskey Dreams,” other tracks that make solid entrances into these bright dances with wolves include the plucky, swampy “How We Roll” and the nostalgic “Glow.”

Upon discovering that many of these recordings are the first and only times that these specific songs have been captured – and in some cases, the songs have been written the morning of the recording – we recognize we’re in the presence of a special artist.

Beware Wolves Vol. 8

Do you think it is worth the time to listen to all 81 songs that have been released so far? Sure, it is, and regarding future projects, it remains to be seen what the future holds. Check it out, visit his very organised website and follow him on social networks and Spotify.

Beware Wolves Vol. 9

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