Brunswick-based Singer Zenodro Drops Who Ya Know And Makes His Mark On The Indie Hip-Hop Scene

Zenodro releasing Who Ya Know

Zenodro might not be a familiar name in Europe yet, but that could change if he continues to make music this good. The formula is there, he has talent, musicality, and a smooth flow, and he looks like a celebrity right out of the gate.

The charismatic singer-songwriter is now making his mark in New Jersey’s indie hip-hop scene with his latest single, “Who Ya Know”, which was delivered in collaboration with the producer Epik the Dawn.

Zenodro has been a familiar face within the Brunswick music scene for some time now, through his involvement with many other local artists.

As part of this phase of his career, his music is reaching us in the United Kingdom today, which is changing perspectives for him.

There are plenty of fans who recognize him for his distinct combination of sounds that fuse different rap styles. However, he was categorized as a pop rapper by producers from PopHits.Co, who have described him as essential hip-hop, with a dash of the singer-songwriter style in it as well.

In his previous project, All I Ever Wanted, and in his most recent release, Who Ya Know, Zenodro brings to the table a wide range of catchy vocal hooks and witty lyrics that are relatable to most of his listeners, as they are young and modern.

You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artist’s music, and know more about the artist by scrolling down the page.

Throughout his last track, there is a strong lyrical emphasis that makes the song a memorable experience. This is accentuated by the catchy beat that will stick in your head for quite some time to come.

The ground-shaking bass blends nicely with the whistling in the high register, allowing Zenodro to meet in the middle with his deep vocals and lyricism, painting a picture in the listener’s mind.

In addition to being a multicultural musician and rapper, born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, he brings a mix of cultures not only to his everyday life but also to his music, so that he can provide the highest standard of sound for his fans.

He has an eclectic sound that makes it challenging to pin down just one genre, with influences including hip-hop, pop, jazz, rock, bachata, and a deep dive into his Colombian roots: Cumbia.

He draws much of his lyrical inspiration from artists like Eminem, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, The Beatles, and Kid Cudi, yet Zenodro is now building his own musical path and creating his own style in which he can express himself very well.

Generally, we can say now that rap music from the US is booming in Europe, but it’s not just because of the mainstream. There are plenty of independent artists that are making waves in their communities and beyond.

One such artist is Zenodro, who hails from New Brunswick and is breaking international barriers through streaming services. His single “Who Ya Know” is an example of what can be achieved when great production meets strong vocals—so it’s something that you need to check out.

This song features a catchy chorus and clever lyrics (which are surprisingly easy to sing along with). The production is particularly outstanding, with a beat that keeps your head moving along with it. It’s easy to find yourself listening over and over again!

As a whole, Zenodro’s tune is enjoyable and brings infectious sounds, making it the perfect addition to the playlists of those who love hip-hop and enjoy discovering new indie artists. In that case, we highly recommend you take a look at his portfolio, visit his YouTube, and follow him on Spotify if you haven’t already.

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