Stardust Angels Ghosts: 12 Beautiful & Moving Songs by Singer-Songwriter Nick Binkley

Nick Binkley

Nick Binkley is a singer-songwriter creating what we call ‘alt-folk’ and a blend of alt-country and folk. You should check out his album Stardust, Angels, Ghosts and listen to this fascinating mix of classic folk, rock and soft rock.

Stardust, Angels and Ghosts: 12 Beautiful & Moving Songs by Singer-Songwriter Nick Binkley is a must-have for fans of acoustic/folk rock and indie music fans alike.

We can guarantee, Nick Binkley is an artist and a really good songwriter too. I fell in love with his music after listening to Stardust Angels and Ghosts, the album he just released.

Nick Binkley releasing Stardust, Angels, Ghosts

The diversity of this project between hymns, country tunes, and rock songs is just stunning. You can listen to our full playlist which contains the artist’s music, and know more about the artist’s work by scrolling down the page.

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There is a lot of Americana in the vein of this album, along with a lot of country influences. Nick Binkley produced Stardust Angels Ghosts, with Valery Saifudinov, Steve Dudas, and Mark Hart sharing co-production credits.

Nigel Burrell recorded “Black on White” and “J’can Girl” at the Reggae Center, Kingston, Jamaica, arranged and produced by Toots Hibbert.

Recordings were done at Flight #19 Studios in San Diego by Saifudinov. In addition to this, Clinton Davis, Mark Hart, and Steve Dudas recorded instrumental and vocal tracks remotely.

Binkley leads the group’s acoustic and electric guitars; Dudas serves as the lead electric guitar player; Hart serves as a backup vocalist, keyboardist, Hammond B-3 organist, pedal steel and slide guitarist; Richard Sellers serves as the lead drummer, and Mike Kennedy serves as the bass player.

As well as advocating for change, he has been a dedicated activist for change for most of his life. A few of these projects include conceiving and co-producing “Rockin The Kremlin,” a powerful 90-minute documentary, directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Jim Brown, which explores the previously unknown story of rock and roll’s role in the collapse of Soviet Communism.

Nick Binkley releasing Stardust, Angels, Ghosts

Having founded and acted as president of the Diana Padelford Binkley Foundation (“The Diana Foundation”), established in 2004 as a charitable organization focused on women’s health issues following Nick’s late wife’s death, Binkley most recently released 100 Parts of Heart, his first album since Let The Boy Jam in 1999, and which features songs he penned in the wake of 9/11, and after Diana’s passing in 2003.

Well, you can see that Binkley is not only great music, there is a lot going on behind this very talented artist, and this album is one more successful project for his collection.

The twelve tracks on this album each tell a story—a story of love lost and found, hope against all odds, and letting go of those things that hold us back from living our best lives.

With his classic rock sound, country vibes and soulful vocals, Nick Binkley is sure to become your new favourite artist. You can check out his album now, visit his website and follow him on Spotify!

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